Top Landscape Shrubs

Shrubs are some of the most important plants in the landscape. They offer color, texture, and four-season interest. Here are some of our favorite shrubs for summer. Night box is a tough North American native shrub that blooms in June, producing white bat-like flowers. But the real appeal comes from its leaves. Look for selections such as the oblong which gets about 10 feet tall and wide, and has rich purple leaves from spring to fall. If that’s too big, little double grows only 4 feet tall and wide. Dark Gold is another stunner that has [unk] leaves, it gets about 6 feet tall. Pinnacle Hydrangea is one of the easiest hydrangeas to grow. It offers big heads of white flowers from July to September. Limelight is a classic variety. It has big clusters of flowers of standout green and richer white. It grows about 10 feet tall. For interest all year long, with good work, evergreens. Most common evergreens have a dwarf variety. For example, Globe Blue Spruce is popular, because it has several blue meadows all year long and tolerates hot dry spots like champ. Dwarf White Pine is another winner. It has long, soft needles and also gets about 6 feet. Rose of Sharon is another summer stunner. It’s a member of the Hibiscus family and is tropical in flowers that can be two to four inches across. The flowers appear in July and August in shades of lavender, pink and with. Look for sugar tip, which has additional interest from its white variegated foliage and fairly pink flowers.