Tissue Paper Suncatcher: Video

Hang these easy-to-make suncatchers by a light source for a beautiful decoration!


  • colored tissue paper
  • wax paper
  • liquid starch
  • scissors
  • paintbrush



    1. Tear off a piece of wax paper.

    2. Cut off the rough edges of the wax paper and cut into a rectangle or other shapes.

    3. Tear colored tissue paper into tiny pieces.

    4. Cover the wax paper with liquid starch using a paintbrush.

    5. Begin laying down the pieces of torn tissue paper on top of the liquid starch on the wax paper and then cover again with another layer of liquid starch.

    6. Set aside the wax paper and allow your suncatcher to dry.

    7. Once completely dry, hang your suncatcher in the window and watch as the light shines through the different colors.