The Secret to Growing a Container Vegetable Garden

Growing crops in containers can bring beauty and bounty to your deck or patio. Step 1: Pick a spot on your deck or patio that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Next, fill the planter with all purpose potting soil. Make sure your container has drainage holes. If it doesn’t, drill several on the bottom. Step 2: Gently remove a transplant from a nursery pot. If the roots are matted, untangle them with your fingers. Dig a hole with your hands or a trowel and set a plant in at the same depth it was growing in the pot. Repeat this with other plants. Mature, quart-sized transplants like this can be planted close together. Tuck in marigolds for cheerful color. Step 3: Water until the soil is evenly moist and excess dips through the drainage holes. A planter this size will go a few days between waterings. Smaller containers may need daily watering. Place it. Plant it. Water it. That’s all there is to it. And with this elevated seeder planter, you don’t even have to bend over to harvest.