You Need to Read The Craziest House Ideas

There are some house ideas that everyone will enjoy. Whether it’s an outdoor bathtub, or a floor platform that hides all your things, these ideas will be cool and beneficial. Check them out.

1.Books and stairs

There is a lot of free place under the stairs. Why shouldn’t you use it? Make your own bookcase. This house idea is easy and interesting. When you see your books every day, you’ll definitely want to read all of them. Besides, this space may be used for storing other things.

2.Dog’s heaven

If you like your pets, you may make your house a pet-friendly place. The space above the stairs can be used for their sleeping place. You can also install a small pet shower in your garage.


What about building a secret room? It sounds a bit difficult. However, you may install a hidden entrance. One of your kitchen cardboards may lead to a secret relaxation room. The same concerns a big cardboard in the nursery. Your kids will be excited to have their own secret playroom.

  1. Shower time

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. In order to make its design cooler, consider making a walk-in shower. It will save you a lot of time, because you won’t spend it on cleaning. As for the bath, think about installing it in the bedroom. It’s romantic, useful, and cool.

We hope these ideas will help you get inspired and turn your house into the most awesome place on our planet.