The Biggest Wastes of Landscaping Dollars

[MUSIC] Plant material that does not pay off is things that I consider to be seasonally on the edge. Meaning that they could survive, they could not survive. You can kind of learn the hard way by paying for stuff and it doesn’t come back. I would caution people To really watch seasonal stuff that might not be conducive to the plant zone. That could be very costly. And planting, let’s say, perennials that require a lot of sun in a Partially sun lit area. So really pay attention to where you’re gonna be putting the plant material and the size of the plant material. So if you’re willing to put smaller stuff in the forefront, in the border, larger stuff in the back, is the larger stuff gonna overtopple them and compete for sunlight, compete for water? So really pay attention to the scale. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]