The Best Annual Flowers of 2014

Known as the workhorses of the color garden, annuals also deliver that eye-catching splendor and these new varieties are no exception. Electrify your garden with Blue-a-Fuse petunia. Each plant produces an eye-popping mixture of variegated yellow, violet and white flowers and no two flowers are the same. Blue-A-Fuse is a mounding petunia that works well in beds, borders or in containers. Cut flower enthusiasts have always prized Gomphrena because the colors don’t fade in dried arrangements. Trouble is, Gomphrena has a tendency to grow too tall and flop over in the garden but now, the new Pinball Gomphrena stays compact and produces tons of rich, purple and white flowers. Brighten shady spots in your landscape with Grape-O-Licious Torenia. It’s deer and drought-resistant and blooms nonstop right up until frost. Grape-O-Licious is also an excellent alternative for Impatiens in regions where downy mildew is a problem. HibisQ is an exciting new member of the tropical hibiscus family. The plants are smothered in almost constant bloom through the summer and because they are so compact, they make terrific container plants by themselves or mixed with annual flowers. Zahara Zinnia’s have made a big splash in recent years and one of the newest is Zahara Sunburst. This gorgeous new variety produces masses of cheerful yellow and orange blooms, each one slightly different from the next. This season, let your garden be a chorus of color with these new annuals.