Terrarium Fairy Gardens

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    • Beach Vacation

      Pepples, sand, driftwood, and beach glass add to this oceanside scene that helps encapuslate fond vacation memories.

    • Take a Hike

      With the help of surgical tweezers and moss, this jar becomes a miniature version of a hike in the wilderness.

    • Big Fish, Small Container

      A brandy sniffer serves as the home for these fishermen trying to reel in the catch of the day.

    • Hard at Work

      Using waterproof plastic figurines, outdoor chores are a walk in the (miniature) park for this cast of characters.

    • Capture Daily Life

      A pleasant green backdrop can even make chores, such as hanging the laundry, into a charming scene.

    • A Real Hoot

      An owl finds a home in this terrarium filled with pebbles, dried sphagnum moss, potting soil, terraroim plants, lichen, stones, driftwood, and shells.

    • An Element of Adventure

      In this scene, backpackers find a hidden stream made of chipped beach glass.

    • Bring Nature In

      In a rope-suspended teardrop, this cute deer finds a home in a forest-inspired backdrop.

    • A Bright Idea

      Within a dangling, oversize, whimsical “lightbulb,” air plants and sea urchins combine with seashells as a snippet souvenir from a tropical island.

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