Tassel Flags: Video

Kids love a good celebration, and they’ll cheer for just about anything! School is out and summer is here? Check. Let’s celebrate! Someone is playing fun dance music? Check. Let’s celebrate! Oh, it’s your birthday today? Well then, let’s celebrate! To help kids express their jubilation, we’re making easy DIY tassel flags today. You can craft a single tassel flag in about one minute, and you only need a few simple supplies.


  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • stapler
  • unsharpened pencil


    1. tassel flag longCut through a stack of several sheets of tissue paper to form long strips. Continue cutting strips until you have enough to form a fluffy tassel. You can make your tassel thinner or thicker depending on the number of strips you cut, but be mindful that if you cut too many, the next step will be harder.

    2. Stack the strips of tissue paper on top of each other and staple together at one end.

    3. Using a thick glue stick, spread a generous amount of glue on the eraser side of the unsharpened pencil and begin rolling the stapled side of the tissue tassel around it. Add more glue and then roll more. Do this about two more times, then press the attached area of the tissue firmly against the pencil.

    Once it’s dry, you’re done!