Super Creative Party Invitations That Will Make You Say Wow

Hey there my lovely readers! Whenever the occasion for your party is, never forget that there are many cool ideas to make your own party invitation better than a printed one. Therefore, we are here for you to help you with some creative ideas that we have chosen for you. In this collection you will see bunch of unique pieces that we strongly urge you to use them for your future parties. Therefore, feel free to check out the following collection of Super Creative Party Invitations That Will Make You Say Wow. Enjoy!

Movie Party Invitations

If you are throwing an Oscar or simply a movie party, see what ideas you can use for the party invitations. Use film rolls in order to get the most outstanding pieces.


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Mason Jar Leaves Party Invitations

Probably, you have seen before DIY mason jars crafts, but you have to check this now! You may use the mason jars to make party invitations! Isn’t that cool. Below is our suggestion and for the rest of it, let your imagination play.


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Moroccan Scroll Party Invitation

If you have a Moroccan, or an Arabic party, then you can make this beautiful scroll party invitation.


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Cool Rainbow Invitation

IF you want to see smiles on the faces on the people when you will give these party invitations, try to make a creative and fun invitation. Moreover, make it with bunch of colors in it. For example, below is a rainbow colorful party invitation that will leave everybody speechless.


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Ladybug Party Invitations

Do you want a ladybug to come to your home? So, this will be a great solution for a party invitation, due to the ladybug’s very strict lines and pointed colors and dots that it makes it easier to be made. Hence, write your invitation lines on the ladybug’s body and use its wings to cover it. Finally, this will be a real cutie.


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DIY Balloon Invitations

So, have you thought of a balloon DIY party invitation? We were surprised at how some people go beyond the boundaries and discover many new different ways to do the same job. As this is a fantastic way to make an invitation, we will now show you how it looks.


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Unique Cookie Baking Party Invitation


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Playful Party Decor Idea


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Butterfly Birthday Party Invitation



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Fun 1st Birthday Party Invitation


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DIY Halloween Invitation


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Ice Cream Creative Invitation


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Pop Corn Movie Party Invitation


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Super Creative Balloon Invitation


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So, how did you find this collection of creative party invitations? We made this collection to give you great ideas on how to redecorate your dream home with something cool and creative. Therefore, feel free to share your comments with us. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Feel It Cool to find many other great home decor ideas. Until our next post – ‘Follow your heart and stay cool’