Spooky Paper Plate Eyes

Turn ordinary paper plates into super Spooky Paper Plate Eyes for Halloween with this fun craft! With a little paint, you can transform ordinary white paper plates into creepy eyeballs. These paper plate creations would be great as an afternoon craft, a craft at school, or, as Halloween decorations around the house! You can also use this craft as a mini anatomy lesson for your kids. What is the pupil? What is the iris? Why do eyes look bloodshot when we are tired?



  • paper plates
  • paint brushes
  • paint (we used acrylic paint)


    1. Start by choosing your paint colors. Use black for the iris and any color you wish for the pupil, except red. Use red paint for the blood vessels. Begin by painting a round black circle in the middle of the paper plate. This will be the pupil of the eye.


    Paint Pupil

    2. Next paint the iris around the pupil. We painted all the way around the bottom of the plate and used the “line” for the bottom of the plate as a marker to end our painting of the iris.

    Paint the iris


    3. Use red paint to add blood vessels around the edge of the plate. These should be squiggly lines.


    Paint the blood vessels

    Supply Hack: Don’t want to use paint? You can use magic markers!

    Spooky Eyes Feature

    Now go and hang your creepy eyes around the house and spook-out all of your friends!