Shovel Sling: Product Review

Shovel Sling product review

Shove-Sling-6Readers-Choice-AwardHave you ever tried to carry a whole bunch of long-handled gardening tools from the shed or garage to where you’ll be using them in the garden? Maybe you carried them in your arms? Or loaded them onto a wheelbarrow? Either way, you probably dropped a few or struggled to keep them from falling.

What if there was an easy way to carry all those tools? Something that didn’t take up a lot of space, was lightweight, and even came in fun colors?

The Shovel Sling is a unique contraption that lets you easily carry up to 70 lbs of long-handled tools with just one hand. If it’s over 22 inches long, the Shovel Sling can carry the load for you.

How the Shovel Sling Works

The first time you use the Shovel Sling, it may take a bit of fiddling to get it right, especially to balance the load so that it stays put when you carry it. But don’t worry, it’s easy to use. Here’s what to do:

1. Lay the Shovel Sling on the ground.
2. Place the tools or items on top of the handle. Keep them bundled close together. Try to alternate the heavy or larger parts of the tools so that there are an equal number at each end. You want the two ends to weigh roughly the same when you lift the pile in the middle.
3. Grab the handle of the sling and push it under the bar.
4. Lift the handle. The sling will automatically cinch around the tools, holding them tight.

Versatile – Carries Almost Any Tool

The Shovel Sling can carry almost anything over 22 inches long (although I wouldn’t recommend anything over 8 to 10 feet long because it gets too unwieldy to walk around with). Rakes, shovels, conduit, lumber, stakes, fence posts, and hoes are obvious items, but it’ll also carry bulkier tools. I frequently speak to garden clubs about gardening tools. The audience is always surprised when I walk in with a string trimmer, long-handled bulb planter, two hoes, a Radius spade, and Dramm loppers all wrapped up in a Shovel Sling and carried in one hand! If you can wrap the sling around it, you can carry it.

Professional-Grade quality

Shove-Sling-5I was impressed with the quality of materials and construction.

The steel bar is powder coated to prevent rusting – so you can leave it outside without worrying about it. It’s strong too; I had a very hard time bending it, even when I stepped on the middle of the bar and pulled up on the sling with all my might (which I don’t recommend you do!). The bar is wrapped in a strong tool bag grade canvas to hold up under heavy-duty use. The strap is made out of a soft yet incredibly strong nylon that’s surprisingly comfortable to hold – even without gloves. And it’s all sewn together with the same thread used to sew sails on sailboats – it’s not likely to fail any time soon!

In the unlikely case that you have any problem with the Shovel Sling, the company has a 1 year replacement warranty. Just let them know what the problem is and they’ll replace it, free of charge, no questions asked, within one year of purchase.

Bright Colors

A tool isn’t much use if you can’t find it when you need it. The Shovel Sling comes in safety yellow and hot pink so it’s highly visible. It’s also available in soft pink and purple if you want something a little more muted.

Made in USA

Made in USAAll of the materials are sourced in the USA and local businesses in Minnesota are used to complete multiple steps in the manufacturing process.


5 Shovels Rating from Gardening Products ReviewWe give the Shovel Sling a 5-shovel rating. It solves a common frustration for gardeners with a well-designed, quality product that’s easy to use.

Where to Buy

The Shovel Sling can be purchased on the company’s website at the online store and also at for $24.95. As a bonus, the hot pink version is 50% off for the 2015 holiday season!! It’s worth checking out their website to see the full range of items you can carry with the Shovel Sling.

And now over to you – What products have you used to store or carry long-handled gardening tools? What did you like or not like about them? Let us know in the comments below.

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Disclaimer – GPR would like to thank Shovel Sling for giving us a sling to review. There was no expectation that it would be a positive review and we received no compensation for writing it. All opinions expressed here are those of the author based on personal experience using the product.