Shoebox Dollhouse: Video

For this project, keep the construction of the dollhouse simple, then get as creative (or keep it as basic) as you wish with decorating your house. Kids of all age ranges will love this project!


  • one shoebox
  • 5 cardboard tubes (i.e. toilet paper rolls)
  • 1 cereal box
  • paint and paintbrushes
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


    1. rsz_step_2_stack_4_paper_rollsOpen up an empty shoebox and turn it on its side.

    2. Stand four cardboard tubes up next to the shoebox.

    3. rsz_step_4_top_paper_rolls_with_cardboard_squareCut a large rectangle out of your cereal box and fold it in half widthwise to make a roof for your house.

    4. Cut out a square of cereal box cardboard and place it on top of the paper rolls.

    5. rsz_step_5_fold_a_cardboard_rectangleFold a rectangular piece of cardboard in two places to form a reclining type chair.

    6. Cut a cardboard tube in half and top it with a small cardboard square to form a table.

    7. rsz_step_6_make_a_tableNext, paint anything you want. Paint the cardboard tubes, paint the cardboard furniture, paint the roof. You can get as detailed here or keep it as simple as you like. You can paint windows in the house or other decor, too.


    Gather your dolls and enjoy your new dollhouse!