Sequined Headband, Compact, and Bracelet


Photography by: Petra Bindel


Accessories of choice (metal and leather both work)
Clear craft cement
Flat sequin strands, 4 and 6 millimeters, about 3 yards per project
Fabric glue, such as Unique Stitch
Tailor’s chalk


Flat sequin strands, 4 mm and 6 mm, from 25 a yard,
Bangles, from $6.50 each, wire headbands, $5 each, and compact, $3.50 each,
Small leather and framed coin purses, from $18 each,


To cover an entire surface: Working inward from perimeter of accessory, squeeze a thin line of craft cement and adhere sequin strand, overlapping each row slightly. When surface is completely covered, cut off strand and glue end. Let dry 24 hours.


To make a pattern: Use the tailor’s chalk to map out your design first.