SELFie Holiday Cards: Video

Turning yourself into an elf on your holiday cards (or elfing yourself!) is a great way to inject a little festive fun into the holiday season. Every family member can get involved with this project and you’ll only need a few simple supplies to make your holiday cards. After receiving these in the mail, your friends and family will probably want to make sELFie Cards too!


  • index cards
  • scissors
  • a pen or marker
  • a printed picture of yourself and/or your kids
  • a glue stick
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • pom poms
  • construction paper


    1. selfie-longPrint out pictures of the person or people you want to turn into elves. They should be small enough to fit on a normal index card.

    2. Cut out the faces from the printed-out pictures, being careful to cut around the hair and chins.

    3. Cut out a small triangle, curved on one side for each elf hat.

    4. Cut out an elongated semicircle shape (like a small curved mountain) for each elf’s shoulders.

    5. On each side of the mountain shapes, cut out a skinny triangle to form the arms. Then glue the shoulders, face and hat onto an index card using a glue stick. Only one elf per index card will keep it simple.

    6. Use the hot glue, to attach a pom-pom to the tip of each hat, and then another to the center of each shirt.

    7. Write a festive holiday message on each card and you are all finished!

    See? Anyone can Elf-themselves–it’s that easy! Happy Holidays!