Q-Tip Pick-up Sticks

I decided on 25 sticks for this game. I don’t have the original game, so I just winged it on the number of sticks, colors, and point values.


  • 25 Q-Tips
  • paint (three different colors)


  1. sticks 2Using acrylic paint, paint 3 Q-tips blue (8 points), 8 Q-tips green (3 points), and 14 Q-tips red (1 point).
  2. Let dry.

How to Play Pick-Up Sticks:

  1. Bundle the sticks in your hand and then drop them on the table.
  2. Take turns picking up as many sticks as you can without moving any other stick except the one you are picking up.
  3. If you move a stick, then your turn is over.
  4. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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