Pumpkin Decorating: Stained Glass Windows


Photography by: Mike Krautter

Name: Ellen Rogoz

Pumpkin Inspiration: Stained glass windows

Materials Used:

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Tape
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in Wedding Cake, Magenta Rose, Cloud, Wild Blueberry, Yellow Gold, and Mermaid Teal
  • Assorted Martha Stewart Crafts¬†Paintbrushes


To shop supplies, visit michaels.com/marthastewart


  • Using paint tape, tape an overlapping pattern on the pumpkin.
  • Paint inside each taped area with a color that does not match the areas next to it.
  • Let your paint dry, then slowly peel back the tape to reveal the fun pattern and orange lines.


Photography by: Mike Krautter