Prevent Seedling Disease with a Fan – Why Choose Gardener’s Supply?

Seedling with a fan

A fan helps ensure good air circulation around seedlings.

New seedlings are especially vulnerable to a disease called damping-off. It’s a fungus that enters young seedlings from the soil, causing the seedlings to die — often within days. One of the ways to help prevent damping-off disease is to place an fan near the seedlings. This will ensure good air movement and keep the suface of the soil dry. The goal is to create a gentle breeze; don’t point the fan directly at your seedlings. Keep the fan running 24 hours a day. In addtion to helping prevent disease, the constant air movement will help develop stronger, sturdier seedlings.

More Ways to Prevent Damping-off

  • Plant your seeds in fresh soil that’s formulated for seedstarting. Never re-use potting soil because it can carry disease.
  • Thin seedlings so they’re not crowded in their pots. For techniques, read Thinning Out Your Seedlings.
  • Avoid overwatering. If possible, water plants from the bottom, or use a propagation system that wicks moisture as needed, such as the APS.