Pop-Art Christmas Tree Wineglass Charms


The same thing happens every year. Your holiday party is going smoothly. The food is good, the conversation is flowing, and the glasses are being emptied. But the moment you turn your back on your drink, you can’t distinguish it from the three identical ones nearby! And you’re not alone. Before you know it, there’s a pile of dirty glassware teetering over the edge of the sink and you have visions of a late night dishwashing marathon.

We’ve all seen the marker on the plastic cup trick or a quick paper tag to help keep things clear. But marker wears off, paper gets soggy and both are not always appropriate for your party. After all, nothing can ruin a classy affair like plastic cups covered in marker. Our solution is surprisingly simple to make and works well for every festive fete: Meet the shrink-plastic wineglass charm. These handy little tags can be made in no time at all, will last all night, and are customizable for each guest. It’s also a perfect DIY to get the kids involved.



• Shrink plastic sheets (we used green)
• Permanent markers
• Scissors
• Pattern of your choice (we used a simple Christmas tree)
• Bone folder
• String or yarn (we used red and white bakers’ twine)
• Hole punch


How to Make the Wine Charms

Step 1:

Trace and cut out your shape. For the holidays, a snowflake, snowman, or holly leaf are all perfect options. We went with a bright and festive Christmas tree. Use your imagination and think of ways to personalize these shapes to fit your party’s theme or your personal style.


Step 2:

Decorate the cutout however you like with permanent markers, making sure to add the guest’s name to each of them. If you don’t know the names of everyone attending, decorate the charms with different shapes, colors, and designs. This will allow your guests to distinguish their drink from the others.


Step 3:

Punch a hole near the top for later. Now, follow the package instructions for baking (and shrinking) your charms.


Step 4:

Thread the string through the hole in the top of the charm.


Step 5:

Tie your charms around the stems of your glassware to instantly delight your guests and prevent the usual the glass guessing!



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