Pom-Pom Pets: Video

Transform ordinary pom-poms into adorable little pets with this fun and easy craft.


  • pom-poms in assorted colors and sizes
  • googly eyes
  • felt in assorted colors
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


    1. pp-longTake two large pom-poms and glue them together with hot glue. *Younger children should have an adult handle the hot glue. Older children should have an adult helping with the glue.

    2. Next, glue two googly eyes onto the front of one of the pom-poms. Pro Tip: If you want to make a spot around one of the eyes, cut out a tiny circle of felt and glue it on first. Then add the eye on top of the circle of felt.

    3. Cut out little ears from the felt. You can make the ears pointy or rounded and/or short and perky or long and droopy. Position the ears either upwards or flopping downwards and then glue them on above the eyes or on either side on top of the head.

    4. Then glue on a little nose. You will need a tiny pom-pom for this. Red and pink make great nose colors but you can also use brown or black.

    5. Cut out four little legs from the felt. Lay the felt legs flat on the table and add glue to the ends. Glue the legs onto the bottom of the pom-pom pet with two legs in the front and two in the back.

    6. Cut out a little wagging tail from the felt and glue that to the back of your pet.

    That’s it! You can make as many pets as you like, all of which are much less messy than real pets!