Plastic vs Composite decking – pros and cons of materials

Plastic vs Composite decking review pros cons

Many homeowners are facing the question what material to choose for their outdoor area. Plastic vs composite decking comes as a natural question when we speak of contemporary materials.

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We shall try to give you a brief comparison so that you are aware what the differences between composite and plastic decking are.

Plastic vs Composite decking – what is the difference

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When we compare plastic vs composite decking, we have to start with the material itself. Plastic decking is made from 100 percent plastic and contains no wood fibers.

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Composite decking is a product composed of wood fibers and recycled plastic. The result is a dense, heavy, and weather- and stain-resistant deck board which will not warp, rot or split.

Plastic vs Composite decking – pros and cons

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Since we explore the differences of plastic vs composite decking, we should see the pros and cons of both materials.

Pros of plastic decking

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Plastic decking may be considered as fake looking. It is a fact, though, that manufacturers have developed the technology in a way that they are able to replicate the look of natural wood.

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Plastic decking is stain-resistant, doesn’t require finishing, and will not crack or splinter. It is practically maintenance free and taking care of your deck will not require more than a wash.

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Plastic boards are manufactured in more sizes than other decking boards.

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High quality plastic decking is 100 percent recyclable.

Cons of plastic decking

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The cons of plastic decking feature a certain possibility that the material expands or contracts. Plastic decks can get very hot which is uncomfortable in hot climate areas as they may actually radiate heat.

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The installation of plastic decking requires special fasteners and trim pieces as the decking is often designed as a whole system.

Pros of composite decking

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In terms of maintenance composite decking is also considered as a maintenance-free material. It does not require finish or staining, scrapping or sanding.

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Composite decks are heat, moisture and mold resistant.

Cons of composite decking

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Composite decking is not completely recyclable like plastic decking because it is a mixture of wood and plastic.

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The limit in colors may also be a disadvantage, as most often composite decks are offered in brown, gray and tan shades.

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A certain fading in color has been observed so you may need to buy a more expensive WPC decking which contains fade-resistant components.

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