Plastic Cup Lighthouse


Whether you live along the ocean or not, lighthouses are captivating for kids! Make your own little red lighthouses with some recycled plastic cups.


  • red plastic cup
  • smaller clear cup
  • battery operated tea light
  • scissors
  • black paper
  • white tape
  • glue stick


    1. lighthouse-longPlace your red cup upside down. Using the white tape, make two parallel stripes on the cup.

    2. Cut a door shape and two windows out of the black paper and glue them onto the lighthouse where you see fit.

    3. Turn on the tea light and place it on the top of your lighthouse, which is the bottom of the red cup.

    4. Place the clear plastic cup atop the lighthouse, over the tea light, upside down.

    There you go! For ideas to take this lesson further and suggestions for books to read, check out the original post from Mom’s Lifesavers HERE.