Plastic Bottle Bowling


This fun craft takes very little time and supplies, and the kids adore playing with this set. These recycled water bottles are painted from the inside so they are totally safe to play with—you don’t have to worry about your kids licking or scratching the paint off. Enjoy inside or outside!


  • 10 plastic bottles
  • 10 shades of paint (only 1 is needed, the rest are optional)
  • water
  • a ball
  • a glue gun (optional)


    1. rsz_b2Remove the caps from ten bottles and clean the bottles thoroughly.

    2. Locate paint. We used ten different colors, but you can use whatever you have and create whatever color scheme you wish.

    3. rsz_b3Squirt a small amount of paint into each water bottle. If your paint is pretty thick, you’ll need to add a small amount (like 1 tsp) of water to each bottle. This will make the paint a little runnier so it will be easier to shake. Don’t add too much water (especially if your paint is runny), or your paint won’t be thick enough to cover the bottle properly!

    4. Put the caps back on all your bottles and make sure they’re tightly secured. Shake each bottle vigorously to spread the paint throughout the bottle. The kids loved this step!

    5. rsz_b4Remove the caps and pour out any excess liquid. Keep the caps off and allow your paint bottles to dry. We let ours dry overnight. When dry, put the caps back on. If you’re worried that your kids will be able to open the bottles, you could use a glue gun to glue the lids back on. I didn’t do that, and my kids have never tried to open them.

    Grab a ball and start bowling!


    More Ways to Have Fun:

    Try bowling on different surfaces – on grass and on cement. How does the surface affect the game? Change the distance from where you start of bowling. Does the distance affect how you throw the ball?

    Use the bottles as a target for a ring toss, using paper plates with the insides cut out.