Planting Annuals

You’re watching Home, Family, Life. Your favorite local nursery is full of annuals this time of year. When I put a pot together or anything in the garden, I always groom it first, so it’s perfect when you put it in. Nursery owner Debbie Barnhart says, flowering annuals can bring instant color and beauty to your garden. But there are a few things to know before you take them home. Tip number 1; take the time to read the plant tags. That will save you from buying the wrong plants for your garden. If you read the tags, the tags will say, sun or shade, or park shade, I would go with that. And the second thing you wanna do is know the water requirements. Annuals with different light or watering needs won’t do well together. Tip number 2; learn when to the water. Debbie says many of us water too often. In a pot, you stick your finger into the second knuckle and you see if it’s wet or if it’s dry. If it’s dry, you should water. In the garden, let a tuna can or plastic saucer be your guide. You’re trying to get about an inch of water in your tuna fish can and that’s as much water as you really need to water once a week. Tip number 3; choose compatible annuals. Some plants, like some people, are pushy. If it gets tall and very bushy, that’s when you’re gonna have it growing over your other plants. Number 4; design your garden at the nursery. Mix and match your plants here, so you have an idea of how they’re going to look together before you get home to your garden. And number 5; be realistic about the time you have to spend in the garden. You need drought tolerant, low maintenance plants if you don’t have time. Annuals don’t last forever but these tips will get you on your way to a beautiful garden this spring that should last all summer long. Each person has their own view of what their garden should be. It gives a lot of beauty and aesthetic to your home. Thanks for watching Always on with Home, Family, Life. E-mail us at . Together, we make it better.