Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmarks: Video

Encourage your little bookworms to read this summer with this lovely craft! Turn ordinary pipe cleaners into pretty flower bookmarks. So simple to make, you can make an entire garden of pipe cleaner flowers and hand them out to friend! Hip-hip hooray for summer reading!


  • 2 full length pipe cleaners to make the flower petals
  • 2 pipe cleaners cut in half for the flower center and stem


    1. Twist a full length pipe cleaner into flower petal shapes until you have reached the end. For the example in the video, we chose pink to make the flower. Twist another full length pipe cleaner exactly the same way. These two pipe cleaners form the flower petals.Step 1
    2. Twirl a half length piece of pipe cleaner around your finger into a spring shape.
      Twist pipe cleaner
    3. Lay the two flower shapes on top of one another then twist the spring you have created around the two flowers at the center to hold them together.
      Twist center onto flowers
    4. Turn the flower head over then insert the second 1/2 length piece of pipe cleaner (for the stem) into the back loop where you twisted the spring around the flower center. Twist to affix and you will create your stem.twist stem on back 

      Make as many as you like and make a whole garden of bookmarks! What books are you reading this summer?