Pick the Right Edging

My name is James Baggett and I’m the editor of Nature’s Garden Magazine. Today, we’re gonna explore options in decorative edging to effectively separate your lawn from your garden. Today, we’re talking about ready-made decorative edging that comes in many styles, materials, and prize points. Most come in 2- to 4-foot sections and stand on heavy-duty spikes pushed into the soil. Plastic is definitely the lowest maintenance option. Completely carefree. Not surprisingly, plastic edging is affordable and extremely easy to care for. Manufacturers have made great strides in plastics, and they’re available in a wide range of styles. From this formal-traditional model that runs about 5 bucks a piece to this simple-casual white picket fencing that will cost you about a buck 50. Metal edging is definitely your sturdiest and longest-lasting of your options. You can use it to define your perennial beds and to protect your plants from four-legged friends. You can splurge on a piece. This will run you about 35 bucks a piece or much more affordable, this will cost you about 5 bucks a piece. Every couple of years, wrought iron will need to be painted with an exterior antirust paint. Metal categories include wrought iron, bronze, and aluminum. And lastly, everybody’s favorite choice is wood. Whether it’s bent willow or bamboo, it lends a warm and casual look to perennial and cottage gardens. Although bamboo is long-lived, this will need to be replaced and it won’t last forever. This bent willow fencing will cost about 24 bucks a piece, where this more Asian-inspired bamboo fencing will cost about 12. A word of warning. Be sure to call your local utilities to locate underground lines before you dig or install any edging. We haven’t included stone and brick today because it’s not available in mail-order, and styles and cost very regionally around the country. Still, it is quite handsome, effective, and one of your best edging options. This is James Baggett for BetterTV.