Patio Fountains and Ponds

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    • Fountain in a Tub

      Fountains are a popular addition to any garden. This informal design marries smooth stones and an electric-blue gazing ball in a galvanized wash tub. An inexpensive submersible pump powers the flow of water.

    • Water Wheel

      Use new or salvaged grinding wheels to construct this unique garden accent. Sinking the water reservoir into the soil gives the fountain a low profile that makes it perfect around smaller plants.

    • Terra-Cotta Fountain

      Simple, sturdy materials are the basic ingredients in this easy-to-make fountain. Constructed with a strawberry jar, azalea pot, and terra-cotta bowl, this project is ideal for a deck or patio.

    • Urn Bubbler

      Enjoy the sound of water splashing in this simple urn with a bubbler. In addition to masking neighborhood noises, a fountain provides a welcome water source for birds and other wildlife.

    • Pond in a Trough

      You don’t need hundreds of gallons of water to create a backyard pond. Almost any container that’s watertight (or can be made watertight) can be used to create a home for water-loving flowers and plants.

    • Tabletop Fountains

      A few easy-to-get items can be combined to make this “water garden” in a matter of minutes. Use this decorative accessory as a centerpiece on an outdoor dining table or set it up in your living room.

    • Freestanding Fountain

      Turn any large container into a garden fountain by adding a simple pump. You can place a fountain like this anywhere that you can get access to an electrical outlet.

    • Lilies of the Garden

      Hardy water lilies are among the best plants for beginning water gardeners to tackle. The flowers appear from spring to fall, blooming in all colors except blues and purples. Hardy water lilies go dormant in winter and may be left in the water or stored. Tropical water lilies, which bloom in more exotic colors, take a little more care but are well worth the effort.

    • Sunken Garden

      This miniature water garden is sunk into the soil to insulate it from rapid temperature changes. One medium size plant or several small plants can be grown in a garden this size. The edges of the contain are camouflaged with flat stones.

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