Party Poppers

Who doesn’t love parties and celebrating?! We often buy little party poppers to add to the festive mood. They’re fun, but we sometimes get bored with the little confetti or tissue paper crowns that come out of them (and sick of cleaning them up!). So we decided to make our own. This way, we can put our own prizes in the middle and make them really fun. These party “crackers” are traditionally used at Christmas and New Year’s, but they would be great for a Fourth of July barbecue or as birthday party favors!


  • toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Cracker Snaps–I bought mine at my local packaging specialties store. You can find them online at some packaging/party supply sites, like Olde English Crackers. They’re about $4.25 for 25 crackers.
  • ribbon
  • tissue paper
  • cardstock
  • tape or glue
  • goodies to go inside the tube (candy, money, small toys, etc.)


  1. popper step 1Fill your tube with all the goodies. You can choose to put a small piece of tape over each opening to prevent them from falling out. We didn’t, but then I had to be really careful when finishing the party poppers.
  2. Cut your tissue paper to your desired size, to cover the popper completely.
  3. popper 3Wrap the roll in tissue paper. Then place the cracker snap on the outside of the roll. After some experimenting, I found that the cracker snaps better if it is between the tissue paper and the card stock.

  4. Cut your card stock to your desired length and attach to the outside of your roll. Glue or tape shut so it stays on.popper3

  5. Tie the ends of your roll off with coordinating ribbon.

  6. popper 4Throw a fun party so you can use them! Get creative. These would be a fun way to celebrate the fourth of July or any other special occasion. I stuffed mine with dollar bills. My oldest daughter would like this much more than little toys or candy (and so would I!).