Paper Plate Aquarium

I am always looking for something crafty do with my boys, but I don’t always have a bunch of craft supplies in the house. That’s why I decided to experiment with paper plate crafts. For a very small price, you can buy a pack of 200 paper plates that makes for hours of fun!


  • two paper plates
  • crayons or markers
  • scissors
  • foam fish, fish stickers, or construction paper for cutting out sea creatures
  • glue stick


  1. Cut the center out of one plate.
  2. With crayons or markers, have your little crafter color the top 2/3 of the other plate blue and the bottom 1/3 a sand color. We used the center of the plate that we cut out to make some extra coral.
  3. Add the fish and other sea life that you’d like. We happened to have some ocean-themed foam stickers that we used to decorate our plates, but your child can create some from construction paper.
  4. After you are happy with your decorations, run the glue stick around the edge of the decorated bottom plate and attach the cut-out top plate.

Enjoy your household and hand-held aquarium!