Paper Mache Airplane


Reuse and old plastic bottle by turning it into a magnificent airplane!


  • empty plastic bottle
  • small pieces of cardboard
  • tape
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • water, flour and a pot (or paper mache mix)
  • crepe paper, newspaper or magazines–whatever you want on the outside of your plane


    1. papermache-longCut three triangles out of cardboard and tape them to the top and side of your bottle. These will be the wings of the plane.

    2. To make your paper mache paste, combine 4 parts water to one part flour and cook it until it boils and has a custard-like consistency.

    3. Cut your paper, newspaper or magazine pages into strips. Coat them in paste and stick them on the plane until the whole bottle and wings are covered. Let the plane dry overnight.

    After the plane dries, you can draw on windows or decorations. Then let the little imaginations soar!