Paper Bird Mobiles: A Craft Worth Tweeting About



–  paper mobile template
–  heavyweight colored paper, such as construction paper or card stock
–  decorative paper
–  binder clips (optional)
–  ⅛ inch (3mm) hole punch (optional)
–  envelopes with patterned security interiors
–  double-sided tape
–  fishing line or monofilament thread
–  screw-in ceiling hook or mobile
–  hanger
–  scissors
–  pen



1.  Using the template, cut out 1 bird body and 1 flower stem from the heavyweight paper.
2.  Cut 4 flower blossoms and 2 bird wings out of the decorative paper. I use binder clips to hold the template to the paper for easy precision when I cut.
3.  Punch out the thread holes on the paper pieces where indicated.
4.  Fold each of the decorative circles in half with the pattern side of the paper inside the fold.
5.  Once each of the circle pieces is folded, use double-sided tape to adhere one half of the back of a circle to half of the back of another circle, making sure the thread holes align. Repeat with the remaining two circle pieces.
6.  Once the halves of your flower are assembled, tape the flower stem piece flat against the back of one of the flower halves. Tape the second two flower halves together to make a four-sided flower blossom. Punch a small hole at the top center of the blossom.
7.  Tape a wing to each side of the bird body. Draw or make a small hole for the eyes. Make a small hole at the bottom center of its body, and another at the top center.
8.  Use a small piece of fishing line to thread the bottom of the bird to the flower. Make a loop and tie the two pieces together securely.
9.  Use a longer piece of fishing line to hang your completed mobile. Thread the line through the top hole of the bird body, making sure you leave extra string if your ceiling is high.
10.  Use a ceiling hook to hang.
11.  Repeat steps 1–7 to create more mobiles.
12.  Hang and enjoy!


For more inspiration, check out the video below!