Ooh, La La! The Perfect Window Treatments for French Doors


Photography by: JCPenney

French doors are a grand presence in the home. With their glass windows, they can make a home feel more open; the light from one room bleeds into the next. They hardly serve as a buffer between rooms; they’re more decorative, lending a grandeur to an end of a hallway or allowing light to pass into the kitchen. So, when it comes to window treaments, it’s best to go gentle: These treatments do not need to protect against the sun or prying eyes.


But that doesn’t mean the treaments need to be boring — little embellishments, like bows or pom-poms, can add a bit of flair to your grand French doors. Because French doors are so expansive, a little embellishment won’t look overbearing. A subtle touch of color or girlish detail makes for an eye-catching accompaniment to your double doors.


French doors go best with a tab-top curtain, which are the simplest window treatmeants. Tab-top curtains don’t hang on rings; instead, they attach directly to the window rod. Rings and other window treatment accessories would look clunky atop the elegant windows of French doors. So when it comes to covering your French doors, you might not even need to go to the store: Tab-top curtains are exceedingly easy to make at home. 

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Take a Bow

For a bit of girlish charm, these raffia bows will make your French doors look like the curtains to the Paris Opera Ballet. The smaller the better — too much adornment will weigh down the elegance of the doors — just a simple string of bows will do. 

Make the Raffia Window Curtain


Pom-Pom Pretty

Sheer curtains lend a certain elegance to a home, but too often they fade into the background, a forgotten bit of decor. To give your French doors a bit of joie de vivre, attach a pom-pom fringe. And pom-poms aren’t the only embellishment you can use here — stamps, ribbons, or even a bit of colored lace can give your French doors a personality all their own. 

Make the Pom-Pom Fringe Curtain Embellishments


Bewitched, Beribboned, and Bewildered

Soft organza ribbon blends seamlessly with sheer curtains when laid on top. Try a pale blue over white — it’ll give the appearance of clouds atop your French doors. Choose a ribbon that suits your needs. A wide stripe makes a statement while thin lines recall the days of summer seersucker. 

Make the Ribbon Stripes Curtain Embellishments


The DIY Treatment

Can’t find the curtains you’d like for your French doors in the store? Make your own! With a tab-top curtain, the rod will be exposed, so start with a decorative piece of hardware, such as a bamboo dowl or a copper rod. 

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