Old Is the New Black: Vintage-Inspired Accessories

The classics never go out of style — and we love it that way. In fact, one of our favorite styles is something we affectionately call “granny chic.” It embraces the timeless; think lightweight lace and heavyweight knits, plaid patterns and pearl necklaces. The trend celebrates hand-me-downs and vintage treasures alongside newly-made spins on the classics. Here are some of our favorite on-trend fashion crafts.


An old-fashioned brooch: Make a statement by donning a pin inspired by a past era. These ladylike fabric flowers pay homage to chintz fabrics and cabbage roses.

Make the Blossoming Brooch


A nostalgic necklace: It’s no wonder that our elders often admire school yearbooks and family albums with misty eyes — these images capture memories of blissful days gone by. To evoke that same nostalgic sentiment in your look, collect vintage black-and-white photos to preserve in a piece of unique jewelry. Better yet, print a small photo in black and white of family and friends to wear in a locket or charm bracelet.


Homespun clothing: Think heavy knits, oversized turtlenecks, and robe coats. Bundle up in a button-up sweater festooned with these no-knit florals or patchwork elbows, or a knitted neck scarf.


Photography by: Gentl & Hyers

The conservative skirt: Hems didn’t start rising until the sixties, so if you want to stay true to history, stick to skirts that are midlength — that is, those with a hemline that falls somewhere between below the knee and above the ankle. It’s just the right compromise between old-school modesty and modern appeal. The scalloped edge of this skirt adds a flirty sway, but the suede material keeps your legs warm in the fall chill. (Pantyhose optional.)

Make the Suede No-Sew Skirt


The cozy handbag: Mix and match different textiles by needle-felting a modern design in bright colors on the wool-woven fabric of a vintage clutch.

Make the Needle-Felted Vintage Clutch


Photography by: Sarah Anne Ward

The pouch: Stash your precious cat-eye glasses, crystal brooches, and cosmetics in a crocheted case. If you have machine-sewing skills and can crochet the simplest stitch, you can make a pouch just like this.

Make the Crocheted Case