No-Sew Daniel Tiger Costume for Kids: Video

Celebrate Halloween by helping your child make her own easy-to-make Daniel Tiger costume! Have a GRRific Halloween!


  • yarn (yellow or orange for the ears
  • scissors
  • fabric glue
  • light brown felt and dark brown felt
  • double-sided tape
  • a red hooded sweatshirt or a red shirt
  • a pair of pants (preferably a neutral color)
  • sneakers
  • face paint or Daniel Tiger mask (optional)
  • a headband


      1. daniel tiger longGently wrap the yarn around your hand and keep wrapping until you’ve formed a very thick loop of yarn.


      1. Remove the loop of yarn from your fingers. Then tie a piece of yarn in the center of the looped yarn.


      1. Using scissors, cut both sides of the looped ends to form a pom-pom.


      1. Trim as needed to make the pom-pom look a little thicker and more like a round puff-ball. Repeat steps 1 through 5 to make the other ear.


      1. Cut out four felt circles. Two of the circles should be lighter brown and larger, at least 3 inches in diameter, and two should be about 2 inches smaller in diameter and dark brown.


      1. Glue the dark brown circle on top of the lighter brown circle and then cut the bottom into a curved semi-circle shape. Glue two brown stripes on the top. Repeat the process with the other two circles.


      1. Tie the pom-poms to the headband for your Daniel ears. Trim the excess yarn and the hanging yarn strands. Then glue a felt ear onto the front of each pom-pom.


      1. Cut out a tail from your light brown felt and then glue dark brown stripes on the tail. Safety-pin the felt tail to the back of the pants.


      1. Cut out four stripes for the pant legs. Taper the stripes at the ends. Using double-sided tape, tape two stripes at the bottom of each pants leg.


      1. Find a red hooded sweater, sweatshirt or a red shirt to finish the look!


      1. Finally, paint the child’s face to give the costume a finishing touch. If you don’t have face paint, you can download a printable Daniel Tiger face and use it as a mask.



    Have a GRRific Halloween!