Newspaper Kites

My girls have seen some kites flying around during these nice days and have expressed some interest in having a kite of their own. I decided that now was the time to make a kite with them that might actually fly. We’ve made kites in the past, small ones of computer paper, straws, and ribbon. None big enough to attempt to actually fly—until now.


  • newspaper
  • string or ribbon
  • glue
  • straight sticks about 2-3 feet long


  1. sticksLook for sticks. We found a jackpot on a fallen tree branch in our neighbor’s yard!
  2. Use your string to tie the sticks into a cross. You’ll want the horizontal stick to be slightly shorter than the vertical stick.
  3. String your string around the ends of the sticks. You may have to cut small notches in the sticks to help the string stay in place
  4. glueUnfold your newspaper and cut a pattern to match the shape of your kite frame. Make it an inch or two larger than your frame, all the way around, so you can fold the edges over.
  5. Spread the newspaper over your stick frame, fold the edges over your string and glue in place. (Our glue bottle got clogged, so my girls had to use Q-tips to spread their glue.)
  6. Tie a long string to the kite where the sticks cross.
  7. Grab the string, run a little, and fly your kite!
  8. Note: I don’t recommend attempting to make your kite outside on a windy day. It was very difficult to work with the newspaper as it always tried to fly away!