Nautical Decor: An Easy DIY Towel Bar


Photography by: Aaron Dyer

To bring an evocative touch of the sea to a powder room, opt for a nautical rope towel bar instead of a traditional metal version. First, cut a piece of cotton rope four to five inches longer than the desired bar length. Make a loop on one end; secure it by tightly wrapping the base of the loop with wire. Cover the wire with Ultrasuede tape in a matching color, as shown; glue the ends of the tape to secure. Screw the hooks into the wall, spaced to the rope’s length. Attach the loop to one hook and pull the rope taut. Repeat the process to create the second loop.

Single-prong robe decorative hooks, by Liberty, in Satin Nickel, $1.50 each,


Cotton rope, 1/2 inch
Thin-gauge wire
Ultrasuede tape
Craft glue
2 hooks