Multiple Uses Of Window Films

Window film is a thin self-adhesive polyester film that can be fixed on the indoor of glass windows in homes, automobiles, boats or for that matter any buildings. It is actually a thin laminate coating that can be retrofitted on glass surfaces to improve safety, appearance and solar control.

Window films are of many types like the non-reflective films that basically soak up the solar energy, the reflective films that reflect as well as absorb the sun’s rays and the high tech ceramic films for high accomplishment.  The main reason behind installing window films is they act like a sunscreen by preventing the harmful UV rays and the high level of heat and light from passing through the glass windows. This protects your skin and eyes from damage and even reduces eye strain. Since window films help in minimizing heat, the A/C costs in your car, office or home can be considerably reduced. Along with that the film protects your interior furnishings, carpet and other artwork from exterior damage and fading .

At the time of installation of window films “Curing “is a process where adhesive is used, and it takes a maximum of 30 days for the film to be properly cured. This is a slow process because water used during curing takes a long time to evaporate. . Surface of window films are coated with a scratch resistant coating. Maintenance of window films is quite easy as a simple solution of soap and water or a glass cleaner can do the work.