Moon Phase Shrinky Dink Necklace: Video

​Making a moon phase necklace is a great way to learn the 8 key lunar phases! Using shrink plastic paper and a marker, you can draw out the phases then craft them into a cool, shrinky dink necklace. Keep track of the lunar phases with this chart below.



  • shrink plastic
  • dark colored marker
  • scissors
  • tin foil and a baking sheet
  • hole puncher
  • yarn or string
  • a circle template to trace


    1. moons-longTrace 8 circles onto shrink plastic paper using a circle template (we used an empty yogurt container) and a marker.

    2. Using a Lunar Phase chart to guide you, color the 8 phases of the moon. For smaller children, an adult can help with this part.

    3. Cut out each moon and punch two holes in the top with a hole puncher.

    4. Lay each moon on a foil-covered baking sheet and follow the instructions on the shrink plastic package for baking in the oven. Follow the shrink plastic instructions on how high to set your heat and how long to leave your plastic in the oven.

    5. Line the phases up in the correct order and thread some string or yarn through the holes of each
      moon. Tie it around your neck when you’re done and show it off!

    Keep track of the lunar phases with your necklace!