Mini Skateboards

Skateboarding is a fad that, for my children, never seems to go out of style! Now you can bring skateboarding into your home with these mini skateboards. They’re quick to make and easy to play with, and you don’t need a helmet to fully enjoy them.


  • Popsicle sticks or cardboard
  • markers or paint (optional)
  • toothpicks
  • glue
  • beads—at least four (You can use an assortment of different types, but make sure they fit over the ends of the toothpicks and will stay on.)


  1. decorateIf you don’t have Popsicle sticks, cut a similar shape out of cardboard. If you do have a Popsicle stick, cut it in half and glue the two pieces side by side to achieve the shape and width of a mini skateboard.
  2. Decorate the skateboard however you choose.
  3. Turn the skateboard upside down and add two globs of glue where you want to place the axlesglue (toothpicks). Press the toothpicks into the glue, crosswise.
  4. While you’re waiting for the glue to dry, sift through your beads until you find ones you’d like to use as wheels. Thread the beads onto the ends of the axles (toothpicks) for wheels.
  5. wheelsFlip the skateboards over and you’re ready to roll!

These would make a great party craft, and using their fingers as mini skateboarders is a great way for kids to build strength and fine motor skills in the hands.