Microsuede: A Plush Fabric To Enhance Your Crafts


Photography by: Bryan Gardner

What is it?

Microsuede is a polyester material composed of fibers so microscopically thin that they mimic the rich look and soft feel of suede.



Why doesn’t it fray?

Much like felt, microsuede is made of fibers that have been agitated (curled or ironed), causing them to interlock into a cohesive material. Because it isn’t woven, it doesn’t need to be hemmed when cut.


How do I clean it?

The fabric is machine-washable. But with crafted items, such as the pouches here, it’s best to spot-rub it gently with a damp cloth. Always air-dry microsuede. You can also dry-clean microsuede clothes.


Where can I buy it?

Find inexpensive options at Joann Fabrics ($13 a yard, joann.com), or shop the rainbow of Ultrasuede available at B&J Fabrics (from $60 a yard, bandjfabrics.com).


Crafts To Make With Microsuede


Photography by: Philip Ficks

Spare change, keys, makeup, and other little necessities stash away neatly in these adorable, no-sew microsuede pouches. They’re quite literally a cinch to make!


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Portable tissues come in flimsy plastic packaging that can fall apart in your purse. We recommend this simple, adorable craft — pouches made of microsuede — to tote your tissues anywhere and make sure they stay intact.

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Photography by: Gentl & Hyers

Think clothing-making is beyond your skill level? If you can sew a button, you can make this simple skirt with an adorable scalloped edge. Why? Because its wrap style requires no sewing beyond — you guessed it — a button for closure. Click through for the project, a video tutorial, and our downloadable pattern template. 

Microsuede No-Sew Skirt


Look stylish as you sway to your favorite tunes with this craft that gives you something useful to do with your microsuede scraps. A 9″ x 4″ piece of fabric is all that’s needed to make this iPod case either by hand or machine. Click through for a pattern and step-by-step instructions. You’ll want to make these for your friends and family too.

Ultrasuede iPod Case