Matchbox Picture Magnets

I love photos, I love fridge magnets and I love convenience. These are all three in one! The bonus is that they are really easy to make too.


  • empty matchbox
  • photograph(s)
  • Modge Podge (optional)
  • glue or a glue stick
  • magnets or magnetic tape
  • scissors (optional)



  1. Find or take a picture that you intend to use for your magnet. Cut the picture to fit the surface of the matchbox. We took photographs and printed them on matte paper for an extra polished look.
  2. Glue or modge podge your picture to the matchbox. We also painted a coat of modge podge on top of the pictures to protect them.
  3. Let the box dry. Then glue a magnet or stick a piece of magnetic tape to the back.
  4. That’s it! These matchboxmagnets make super Father/Grandfather’s day gifts and are easy enough for the kids to make themselves. Have fun!