Little Red Barn

I would someday love to have our own wooden barn, but it’s currently not in the budget. So in the meantime we decided to improvise and make our own! See how to make your own below.


  • cardboard box
  • scissors or x-acto knife (adults only)
  • red (and black—optional) paint
  • paint primer (optional)
  • tape


  1. Use scissors (or x-acto knife) to make the box into the shape of a barn, with peaked roof. To get the doors to fold out, score the inside of the cardboard.

  2. If you like, paint the barn with a primer.

  3. Outline as many windows as you’d like and a door with tape (we used painter’s tape for its thinness).

  4. Paint the barn red and the roof black—or whichever colors your child sees fit.

  5. After the paint dries, pull off the tape to reveal the white windows and doors.

Even though we are done with our farm unit, this will be on our playroom shelves for a while. It’s not wood or super fancy, but the fact that the kids had such hand in its creation makes it very special.