Late-Season Annual Flowers

Annual flowers are some of the most popular varieties and late summers are great time to add color to your garden. Impatiens are generally thought of a shade lovers, but a new variety called Sunpatiens thrive in the full sun. Impatiens come in about 6 colors, get 2 to 3 feet tall and form a lovely mass of bright flowers in full sun. Celosia comes in two basic types; plumed and crested. This a brand new Celosia variety that has red leaves and some of the common green. It needs full sun and can take very hot temperatures. The flowers can be cut and dried beautifully for winter arrangements. Petunia should be the star of every flower border. This is a brand new variety called Burgundy Star Wave Petunia. It’s a member of the wave family. Gets its name from the bright white star against the dark burgundy red background of the flower. Here are two Annuals that look terrific together in full sun, Pink Verbena and Gomphrena. Verbena is a creeping plant, great for hanging baskets containers. This dwarf Gomphrena, also called Globe Amaranth has clever-like heads that we cut and dry anytime of the year for dried flower bouquets. Here’s a great combination for containers; Geranium and Calibrachoa, often called million bells. Calibrachoa is closely related to Pertunias, but it has more blooms and slightly smaller ones. Most people think Colias grow only in the shade but there are many varieties that you just as well in full sun. Here we have two different types of Colias growing together. In the fall, take cuttings and use them indoors as houseplants. Shade-loving Double Impatiens look like small Carnations. They grow great in pots or in the shady border. They also come in a wide variety of colors and even bi-colors. Many new Begionia varieties do well in full sun as well as shade. This is a variety called Big, which produces very large flowers and has red or green foliage. It is ideal in containers and shady borders. It’s a very personal plant and has a cinch to care for. In shady spots you can’t beat Terranium. Commonly called wishbone flower, this sort of plant blooms in dark shade. This variety is one of our favorites. It’s called Gilded Grape. Don’t’ let summer heat pull all the color out of your garden. Add some fresh color now with beautiful late season annuals.