Under 6 inches to 8 feet


To 4 feet wide

Flower Color:


Foliage Color:


Seasonal Features:

Fall Bloom,
Summer Bloom

Problem Solvers:

Deer Resistant,
Drought Tolerant,
Slope/Erosion Control

Special Features:

Attracts Birds,
Good for Containers,
Low Maintenance



how to grow Lantana



Stem Cuttings

garden plans for Lantana

Formal Knot Garden Plan
Formal Knot Garden Plan

Garden Plan for Partial Shade
Garden Plan for Partial Shade

Tropical-Look Garden Plan
Tropical-Look Garden Plan

No-Fail Container Garden Plan
No-Fail Container Garden Plan

more varieties for Lantana

'Bandana Cherry' lantana

‘Bandana Cherry’ lantana

Lantana ‘Bandana Cherry’ offers rich yellow, orange, and cherry-red blooms in large heads.

'Bandana Pink' lantana

‘Bandana Pink’ lantana

Lantana ‘Bandana Pink’ offers large heads of pink-blushed blooms that mature to rich pink.

'Irene' lantana

‘Irene’ lantana

Lantana ‘Irene’ bears bright yellow, pink, and red blooms in large clusters on a spreading plant.

'Landmark Pink Dawn' lantana

‘Landmark Pink Dawn’ lantana

Lantana ‘Landmark Pink Dawn’ offers creamy yellow flowers that mature to soft pink.

'Lucky Peach' lantana

‘Lucky Peach’ lantana

Lantana ‘Lucky Peach’ offers heads of orange-peach flowers that mature to peachy-pink on compact plants.

'Lucky Pot of Gold' lantana

‘Lucky Pot of Gold’ lantana

Lantana ‘Lucky Pot of Gold’ offers heads of rich yellow blooms on compact plants.

'Luscious Citrus Blend' lantana

‘Luscious Citrus Blend’ lantana

Lantana ‘Luscious Citrus Blend’ is a heat-loving selection with vibrant red, orange, and yellow flowers on a mounding plant that grows to 3 feet tall and wide.

'Luscious Grape' lantana

‘Luscious Grape’ lantana

Lantana ‘Luscious Grape’ displays clusters of lavender-purple flowers on a vigorous, floriferous plant. It grows 16 inches tall and 36 inches wide.

'Patriot Firewagon' lantana

‘Patriot Firewagon’ lantana

Lantana ‘Patriot Firewagon’ offers clusters of yellow flowers that turn bright yellow and finally red-orange.

Lantana montevidensis

Lantana montevidensis

Lantana montevidensis is a wild form with lavender-purple flowers on a plant that can reach 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

'Samantha' lantana

‘Samantha’ lantana

Lantana ‘Samantha’ has yellow flowers and golden-variegated foliage.

plant Lantana with



Angelonia is also called summer snapdragon, and once you get a good look at it, you’ll know why. It has salvia-like flower spires that reach a foot or 2 high, but they’re studded with fascinating snapdragon-like flowers with beautiful colorations in purple, white, or pink. It’s the perfect plant for adding bright color to hot, sunny spaces. This tough plant blooms all summer long with spirelike spikes of blooms. While all varieties are beautiful, keep an eye out for the sweetly scented selections.
While most gardeners treat angelonia as an annual, it is a tough perennial in Zones 9-10. Or, if you have a bright, sunny spot indoors, you can even keep it flowering all winter.



Pentas is one of the best butterfly-attracting plants around. It blooms all summer long, even during the hottest weather, with large clusters of starry blooms that attract butterflies by the dozens as well as hummingbirds. The plant grows well in containers and in the ground — and it can even make a good houseplant if you have enough light. It does best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Pentas is grown as an annual in most parts of the country, but it’s hardy in Zones 10-11. Plant it outdoors after all danger of frost has passed.



There are few gardens that don’t have at least one salvia growing in them. Whether you have sun or shade, a dry garden or lots of rainfall, there’s an annual salvia that you’ll find indispensable. All attract hummingbirds, especially the red ones, and are great picks for hot, dry sites where you want tons of color all season. Most salvias don’t like cool weather, so plant them outdoors after all danger of frost has passed.

tips for choosing and caring for annuals

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