Landscape Ideas with Hardscape Materials

If you have a path or patio project in the near future, be sure to weigh in your paving options before you begin. Brick pavers are timeless and fit every home style. If you prefer an edge look, you can??t beat tumbled brick. This is a style called Bourbon Street from Borough Brick. These bricks are brand new but the tumbling action makes them look unique. Uniform and size and shape, they??re easy to lay and the gray and burgundy color simulated on street. Natural stone is a beautiful material but try to stick to stone for your region. Because of its weight, shipping stone across the country can become very expensive. Limestone is coming in the Midwest. Fit blocks make excellent steps while thinner sheets can be used as stepping stones. Limestone varies in qualities so be sure to ask about the hardness of the stone before you buy it. Bluestone is mined in the Eastern US. Generally a blue or pink color, it??s a nice flat stone that provides good footing and looks terrific paired with brick of any color. Country pavers are generally inexpensive compared to brick or natural stone. Pavers can also be purchased in pre-cup patterns like the circular pattern, available in a variety of colors, they are very durable. Installation calls for brick and concrete pavers are about the same. Gravel is a great alternative to solid pavers. Often use in parking lots that??s hard enough to park on, it drains well and can be perfect for walkways or patios. It is not recommended however if you need to shovel snow from it. Gravel comes in wide varieties of shapes, colors, textures and types. This is broken shell. It has a lovely great color that compliments nearby plants. Crushed brick is another alternative for paths and walkways. It has a lovely red color and is so fine; you can walk on a barefoot. It drains well and is maintenance free. This path is 20 years old but still looks great. P-Gravel is probably your least expensive paving option. In this path, we used it between limestone pavers and a red moss to grow through the stones for extra color and texture. No matter what your budget or design preferences, there??s a gravel brick or natural stone option just for you.