Kids’ Spring Craft: Cherry Blossom Decoupage Box



– Small cardboard box

– Colored tissue paper

– Gloss gel or decoupage gloss

– Paintbrush

– Scissors


Step 1:

Cut out the cherry blossom shapes from the colored tissue paper. I used light pink, dark pink, and white tissue paper.


Step 2:

Brush some of the gloss gel or decoupage gloss onto the cardboard box — both top and bottom. Cover with a tissue-paper blossom and apply more gloss on top of the blossom. Repeat until the whole box is coverered with layers of the different color blossoms. Make sure all of the box has a layer of gloss. Let it dry before you put the box lid back onto the box.



The decorated box will make a great gift or jewelry box for someome who loves flowers and springtime!