Kid-Made Place Cards: Video

Kid-crafted place cards are simple to make and can be educational, too. Your kids can practice their best handwriting, learn more about shapes and have fun with a craft that is sure to impress all of your holiday guests!


  • index cards
  • glitter
  • a pen or marker
  • glue
  • scissors


    1. cards longFold an index card in half so it will stand up on its own like a tent.

    2. Using extra index cards, cut out simple shapes. You can make trapezoids, triangles, hearts, stars…the possibilities are endless!

    3. Once your shapes are all cut out, lay them on top of a piece of scrap paper (we used a brown paper bag) and then cover the shapes in glue. We used a glue stick but you can use regular school glue, too.

    4. When your shapes are completely covered in glue, sprinkle glitter on top. This part is fun for older children but younger kids might need help from an adult with this part or it could get a little messy.

    5. Shake off the excess glitter and then set the shapes aside to dry. Tip: you can save the extra glitter by forming a funnel out of paper and pouring the excess glitter back into the container.

    6. With a pen or marker, write the name of each guest on a folded index card.

    7. Decorate the cards! Glue the glittered shapes on and decorate in any way you like. We kept our place cards simple by gluing just one shape next to each name–but there are no rules here!

    Great job little crafters! Now, go and enjoy your feast!