Jellyfish in a Bottle: Video

Make a swimming jellyfish out of recycled items around your home! This sensory craft is a mesmerizing and particularly engaging one. Spark scientific conversation by shaking and turning the bottle and asking questions like, “What makes the jellyfish float in the water?”


  • large water bottle
  • plastic bag
  • rubber band
  • food coloring (we used blue)
  • scissors


    1. jellyfish-longFlatten the plastic bag and cut a large square out of the middle.

    2. Fringe the edges all the way around the square.

    3. Bunch the center of the square (with fringed edges) into a head, allowing for some air to remain in the head like a small balloon.

    4. Hold the neck of the head and wrap a rubber band tightly around the neck.

    5. Stuff your newly formed jellyfish into a large bottle almost filled with water and then fill the bottle to the very top with more water.

    6. Stuff your newly formed jellyfish to the water and shake the bottle to mix the food coloring!

    Once the water is blue, there will be a greater contrast between the plastic bag jellyfish and the water and therefore it will be easier to see. Shake the bottle and turn it in all directions to make the jellyfish swim and move!