Japanese garden design in the patio – an oasis of harmony and balance

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How to create a spectacular Japanese garden design in the patio? A Japanese garden is not just an ordinary garden with shrubs, flowers and a bench outdoors and a wooden set of table and chairs.

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It is a philosophy and art that is why Japanese garden designs have to follow some rules and particular characteristics.

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The design of a Japanese garden is a harmonious work of art which reflects eastern philosophy, religion and ideology. That is why modern Japanese gardens remain unchanged and follow the ancient rules.

Japanese garden design in modern homes

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What you need to remember as a leading principle is that Japanese garden design is closely connected with nature. Nothing artificial should be present in your patio garden if you wanted to create it in the Japanese style.

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Another basic principle in the design is balance and no element should be too much and prevail over other elements. Otherwise the garden will look imperfect and incomplete.

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Before you start working on your patio garden you should carefully plan the elements you want to have and make sure they work together harmoniously. The initial planning process is much more important for small patio areas where the space is limited.

Japanese garden design – the important elements

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Plants for Japanese gardens, stones, water features are the main elements in the Japanese garden design. How to unite these elements and create an oasis of tranquility in the patio?

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All the elements of the garden should correspond to the basic principles of the Japanese garden. Therefore, a beautifully and evenly trimmed lawn, different colors, composition of rocks, tall trees and plants at different heights will be an excellent option.

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A Japanese garden design is almost impossible without the water element. It may be a small bowl, with a planted bonsai or aquatic plants for ponds (water lilies, lotus and etc.).

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Rocks and stones – they are actually the base, the platform for the Japanese garden. They can be used both horizontally or vertically and create a silent dynamic.

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Take your time and carefully consider the final elements – lighting, sculptures and materials. Remember that you need to be patient but it will be worth it!

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