Interesting Sofa Slipcovers

Modern Marvel

The textured look of this white slipcover from Sure Fit is proof that slipcovers have come a long way.

Pets Allowed

If you have a shedding pet, you’ll appreciate this modified slipcover from Sure Fit. Simply remove the surprising stylish pet protector when you’re expecting guests.

Pleats to Meet You

The pleats in this cream slipcover add a designer touch to your typical covered sofa. Bring this look home.

Tricks of the Trade

For a relaxed, no-frills look, borrow a tip from professional painters. Loosely draping your furniture in good-quality fabric is the easiest way to add stylish protection. Go shopping!

Slip and Slide

For a more tailored take on the drop-cloth style, try a fabric with added embellishment. The frayed ends of this slipcover lend themselves to a casual, relaxed living space. Take this look home.