Installing Edging

Commercial brick edging is a quick and easy way to form a stable edge for a brick pathway. Note: This is not the same as lawn edging, which only keeps plants in check.

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What You Need:

  • Commercial brick edging and spikes
  • Crushed rock and sand
  • Bricks


Steps 2-3.

1. Create the base. Strip out soil 4 to 10 inches deep; lay down a few inches of rock and then a couple inches of sand.

2. Add the edging. Anchor the edging atop the sand.

You can also use stone to create a raised bed; click here to learn how.

Step 4.

3. Lay the bricks. Position the first row of bricks against the edging.

4. Finish. Nail down the outer edging as you lay the
last row of bricks.